Hecata's Tower

October 9, 2011

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The Road to Greenshroud

Valspar finds a scroll and decides to read it to us around the campfire. Among other things, the scroll says the area is called the Dead Hills because it is littered not with the rinds of fruit or the bones of animal meals, but with the husks and carcasses of men. The scroll mentions a tall man, who apparently has some nefarious purposes in mind. Felx wonders why people keep coming out this way. Valspar passes a map he found while scouting off to Felx. It seems to be a map of the sewers of the port city.

Valspar vows to escort Ravenia safely to Hecata’s tower. Felx thinks Revenia is a lying monster. he contemplates killing her merely for the trouble she’s put him through so far. He thinks of her as a tool to get into the tower to get Harr’s cloak back again, and that’s about it.

They find more signs of carnage along the road. Burned corpses and remains of caravans.


The people of Greenshroud are burning their infected dead. The party is met outside and checked out by the guards. The town has been decimated. Felx is asked to leave, but sneaks into the town anyway. Wemble is nearly cured of the pox, so she is allowed to enter.

Peth uncovers the story of the great battle that was fought between the sisters in the Northern Wastes.

Valspar finds something wrong with the Temple. The bas relief carvings in the temple seem to glorify battle much more than typical elven art.

The priest attempts to heal Felx, but cannot. Felx is touched by the priest’s earnest efforts to stay and help his community.

Felx decides not to steal from the worthy. Though he is tempted, he remembered his old mentor Harr’s words: “Don’t steal from worthy folk tryin’ to help people, people who get in the thick o’things. They’re the only ones who’ll give a damn about you later when you’re in a bind.”

Peth lays hands on Felx and cures him of his pox. The cure sets Felx flesh ablaze and makes him wonder if he’ll finally be held accountable for his crimes. For the briefest moment, Felx encounters the spiritual realm and recognizes something greater than himself.

The Northern Wastes

Epic duel between Peth and undead follower of Crom. Peth takes his sword.

Outside Hecata’s Tower

Ravenia reveals her identity and her plan.


Brennen cahelade

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