Elven Ranger



When Undertaking a Perilous Journey through the open wilderness you automatically
succeed as if you rolled 10+.

Animal Companion: Wolf

  • Skittish. Nature: Panic.
  • A skilled tracker. Trick: +1 forward to follow a trail.
  • Loyalty +1
  • Trained to guard. Trick: Patrol an area so no creature may enter or leave without
    you knowing about it.
  • Psychic bond. You can communicate with it no matter the distance and without speaking.
  • Vicious. Nature: Kill
  • When you speak a command to your animal companion roll+Loyalty. On a hit, it does
    as you say and grants you the benefit of the Trick of your choice. On a 7-9, it also
    gives in to one of its natures.

Hunt and Track (Wis)
When you follow a trail of clues left behind by passing creatures, roll+Wis. On a hit, you follow the creature’s trail until there’s a significant change in its direction or mode of travel. On a 10+, youalso choose 1:

  • Gain an impression of the target as accurate as if you were able to observe them briefly from several yards away
  • Determine what caused the trail to end

Called Shot (Dex)
When you attack a defenseless or surprised enemy at range, you
can choose to deal your damage or name your target and roll+Dex.

  • Head – 10+: Maximum damage; 7-9: Next move against them is at +1.
  • Arms – 10+: As 7-9, plus your damage; 7-9: The target deals -your level damage.
  • Legs – 10+: As 7-9, plus your damage; 7-9: +1 to Defy Danger and Make a Saving
    Throw against them ongoing.

Dual Wield
When strike an enemy with two weapons at once, add the damage of both weapons.

When you’re in natural surroundings, enemies never spot you until you make a move.


Birthplace: Valencia

Val’Spar is an adult elf but is still considered young by elven standards. He is traveling the world expanding his experience and skills. This period of wandering is a prelude to his becoming an elder member of his home community with the rights, privileges and obligations that entails.

Val’Spar has traveled the world for many years honing his skill with the bow. It is this skill that makes the Elf Ranger sought after and worth his weight in gold.

As a personal quest Val’Spar is seeking the six swords of magic which were stolen from Valencia.

(Val’Spar is currently in possession of Shadow Cleaver and Light Bringer and will use them in close quarter melee.)

Magic is not inherently good or evil. Magic is a force which is channeled by a wide variety of means and may be put to use in either a good or evil manner.

Orc’s are typically of evil disposition.

Eagle Eye – become one with the target.

Val’Spar will typically seek to keep his enemies at range and eliminate them with his bow if at all possible. He will seek an advantage to his attack position whether it be cover, concealment or superior tactical advantage.


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