Write one to three beliefs (or goals) for your character.

Belief examples: I will rescue the princess and defeat the ogre who kidnapped her, All magic is evil…

Write one instinct for your character. This is something your character does automatically, and should be an always, never, or if…then statement.

Instinct examples: Always check for traps, Always draw sword at the first sign of trouble, Never drink around strangers.

Write one trait for your character. A character’s traits are quirks, special qualities or an adjective that defines a character’s personality, physical prowess, or history. These are simple descriptors which should be pretty specific or narrowly defined and not generic. In other words, “lucky” is not an appropriate one, but “lucky in love” is.

A trait can be invoked for a +1 (before the roll) once per session.

Trait examples: Bastard, Insomniac, Hairy, Cynical, Grounchy

Playing your Beliefs, Instincts and Traits earns your character HERO POINTS!!!

You can earn Hero Points by acting on a belief (once per belief, per session), acting on an instinct (once per session), or when playing your beliefs or instincts makes your character’s life difficult (once per session).

Hero Points are awarded at the end of the game.

You can spend a Hero Point to add +2 to any 2d6 roll (after the roll), or re-roll your damage die.


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